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Recruitment & Solutions

Recruitment is a core highlight of human resource management. It is the foremost step of appointment. Recruitment ensures the overall process of short-listing, selecting and appointment of candidates for jobs. Recruitment also includes a selection of unpaid positions such as voluntary roles or trainee roles. In other words, it is searching for and obtaining pool potential candidates with the desired knowledge, skills and experience to allow organization. The purpose of the recruitment process is to find the widest pool of applicants to provide the greatest opportunity to select the best people for the required roles in an organization.

Acquiring the best applicants for a role can be the competitive merit for an organization whereas it leads to ineffective recruitment and selection can result in enormous disruption and also the emphasis on reduction of productivity, difficulty and interruption to operations, customer service and long-term cost.

Once a pool of candidates has been identified through the recruitment process the most appropriate candidate or candidates are identified through a selection process including but not limited to interviewing, reference checking and testing. The best person needs to be appointed for the vacant position in the best possible way for best effective, fair and equitable assessment activities.

Having an effective recruitment strategy is paramount for the successful run of the organization. The recruitment and selection function can become an inefficient and costly process. Kosen approached in a systematic and proactive manner. A recruitment and selection strategy is as follows:-

  •   Increase in pool potential
  •   . Improves the selection process
  •   Can impact the likelihood that a suitable candidate will accept a job offer
  •   Ensures supply meets demand requirements
  •   Increase organizational effectiveness
  •   Improves the selection process by ensuring that by only those applicants to meet their requirement


Hr Pay-rolling

Human resources is the purposeful department of a company that handles all the dimension of the employment and benefits of each employee of the company.HR pay rolling is the process where the member of the HR department who handles the payroll aspect of the company budget.

Kosen has been sensation among the startup service providers which covers the main aspect HR Pay-Rolling which works with a common objective to cover payroll liabilities including the money you pay your employees for rendering their services. However it is a part of your liability as an employer. The human resource function is as the hub of most employer efforts to identify, hire and retain the people of organization which needs to enforce the strategy and achieving the organizational goals.

Time keeping and payroll is the major outlook of HR. Either employees who accept salaries or get their pay on hour basis, Time and attendance tracking can majorly help to ensure that employees are being paid the assured amount of time worked and can take care of companies from a legal point of view.

Not to forget the HR payroll is one of the largest expenditure for most companies. HR payroll is the supreme function as it is need to be done with effective and authentic way. HR payroll is as beneficial for the companies as it get on affordable prices. There is different payroll software. It is easier to make changes retrieve historical data. Kosen focus on the process by which employees receive their salary. They ensure balancing and reconciling payroll data and depositing and reporting taxes. They even take care of wages deduction, record keeping and verifying the reliability of pay data.


Outsourcing of Manpower

Healthcare companies generally face the problems of dramatic changes in customer behavior whereas not to forget Kosen has left a great impact on market dynamics and also regulatory demands. Kosen works with the better technology to provide best services to patients. It leads to fuel innovation and reduce to cost and complexity with the reference of operating system. Companies key highlight feature is to provide service regarding healthcare industry recognize they need to deliver with a provision to deliver high quality product with less cost. Not to forget that pressure must be released through the government strategies.

Perspectives need to focus while discussing about healthcare :-

  •   Medical Technology:- The medical technology companies focus on the innovation and reduction of the cost and Kosen also assures growing of profit pools. Implementation of visible market with the great scale of emerging markets.
  •   Healthcare payers and delivery system:-Kosen has the great impact on the healthcare projects which has been assured by the healthcare as well as delivery system which also lead to high quality at a lower cost. Kosen is a hub of full spectrum of strategies, operations and merges and acquisition. We are surrounded by professional experts which brings deep and strong experience to every engagement.
  •   Encouraging growth to develop the gainful market:-Growth is an important aspect for an opinion. However many companies find it difficult to achieve the sustainable growth which is symbol of profitability in nature. They focus on executive growth strategies which will help them in full potential.
  •   Cost effectiveness and efficient business models:- Kosen healthcare has a great impact on the mind of the industry which suggests that to collaborate the low cost business structure with a great capability for changing the market needs.
  •   Encouraging improvement of product and service innovation:- For the development and the growth of a company innovative service plays a key highlight for the success of a company. The reasons behind Kosen are different from the other company because of its product quality and provide innovative services. Therefore Kosen has full fledge capability to deliver best results.

IT Services

KOSEN provides various services which also includes IT services. We have our specialized staff members who deliver the premier level of information technology services to the customers. It is a start-up company which offers you the assistance of custom mobile application. We give assured fast and prominent work as we take our corporate responsibilities seriously. whether you have local IOS, custom android, window application.

We conduct throughout the custom portable application. Our company bring forth technology solutions which unite with expertise, creativity, and versatility for your success including quality management, information security management and software engineering. Our company also provides Angular JS development services which assemble HTML5 mobile apps with bootstrap and Angular JS. The experts of our team have an extensive experience in cross-platform development which has been piling some of the most precise apps. We give the remote and on-site support.

If you are looking forward to rejuvenating your current watch apps, with the watch OS2 or ripen built-in watch OS2 app. Our personified staff has the requisite experience and knowledge to put an end to the threats before they become problems. We speciate in custom built beautiful UI/UX designs for tech start-ups.

We thoroughly analyse your needs and then provide you with a tailor-made solution. We have system development with us which helps in technical facets of application which includes system integration and recommendations. We have done huge expertise both in web applications and windows.
If you are looking for maximizing your opportunities in a new connectivity revolution, we offer plenary expertise services to support your business. We will manage all the work back while you can stay connected with the new opportunity coming. We can also provide services when you are looking for serving the requirement of corporate customers including global connectivity. We try to give full and dedicated IT services to your business.


Event Management

Kosen is nationally recognized event planning & organizing company. We started with a purpose to provide one end solutions for all your Event-related fears. We also highly recommended for seminar event organizing and exhibition halt designing. This is the best Event Management society, you will find. We’ve always contented ourselves on being more than just event organizer firm. We proudly present STAGE WORLD, a complete creation house having all the experience & capabilities of producing & managing exhibition & events.

Our Foundation:

  •   High skill with latest gear to support speed, effectiveness and efficiency in communication are our primary basis to accomplish the events.
  •   Professional database management by our creative, innovative and well mannered personnel, are our precious and endless assets.
  •   Positive and open communications among departments are the key to ease company management.
  •   Pre-co meeting and rehearsal is a must for our personnel to steady the event implementation.

Event management 15 years ago, this phrase would have meant nothing in the corporate world. Today, it conjures up the image of celebrities packaged with glamour and pomp in a festival event that is meticulously planned and oppressive turned out.

We believe and focus on the things which always give a positive result in return.

Good reasons to get started in the Event Management Business TODAY:

  •   Substantial income potential – make no mistake, as a successful event planner you have the potential to make a very substantial income. Moreover, your income will usually be directly proportional to the amount of effort you are prepared to put into your business. Imagine actually being paid what you’re worth!
  •   Be your own boss - many people dream of ditching their boring 9-5 and becoming their own boss. This dream can become your reality through event management and starting your own lucrative event management business.
  •   Be your own boss - many people dream of ditching their boring 9-5 and becoming their own boss. This dream can become your reality through event management and starting your own lucrative event management business.

Network Marketing

During last few years, Indian economic growth has been incredible and surge in manufacturing has guide to great economic and social changes. The courage of entrepreneurship is predominantly influencing the nation’s concern. In order to earn more proceeds, people now a day are exploring new avenues and entrepreneurial opportunities. Network marketing is one of the rising modern trends that exist in business surroundings. It provides opportunities to start and run home-based trade to every aspirant person. Even a person without any experience can start this small business.
Years ago, it was mostly stay at home housewives business that got involved in network marketing. Remember the good days of Tupperware parties, don’t you?
These days the interest in network marketing is twofold:

People are looking for products to solve a multitude of problems from aging skin to feeling younger and more energized. People are looking for financial freedom in their lives and more security for their future. With the expansive reach of the Internet, network marketers no longer have to hold home parties or invite people to local events, they can run the business from the comfort of their home!

Network marketing is a small business which offers every person who aspires to be booming opportunities to start his own business. No formal education is required to start such business. So everyone can start this business even with full time job.
Today, network marketing is an industry having huge turnover all over the world. Millions of people are associated with various marketing companies as independent marketers.

Advantages of network marketing over other business models

  •   Leverage
  •   Passive Residual Income
  •   Low startup cost
  •   Freedom
  •   Support
  •   Personal development


Kosen, a young insurance broking firm, is bridging an important space by distribute pure-risk, profitable insurances to small and medium enterprises. Kosen is able to distribute commercial insurances in a sustainable way by effectual use of skill and knowledge. It is a complete service firm that provides outstanding claims, support to small companies in accumulation to placing eminence insurances. We hire the best so that we can offer our customers the best. Our teams have a mix of the brightest minds from diverse backgrounds collaborating to create innovative financial solutions. We believe in the potential that the person has rather than the experience that s/he carries. This makes for a stimulating working environment.


We value inquisitiveness and flexibility, and we apply these qualities mutually to help our customers attain more as our world evolve. At Kosen, we’re budding advanced techniques in data science and technology that keep our customers safer and better well-versed. By harnessing our supreme wealth of data and our experts’ deep expertise, we deliver insight that help a broad range of industries around the world prevent losses and achieve better outcomes. We often share the results of these explorations with governmental organizations, NGOs, specialized researchers, and expert practitioners.

Our enormous experience in banking, wealth and financial management has given us an in-depth perspective of customer needs. This has helped us expand a suite of products addressing these specific needs viz. health, safety, retirement, savings and wealth. We also offer a variety of group insurance products like credit life, term and employee liability (gratuity and leave encashment) policy. Our products are simple to understand and competitively priced.


CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the business retort to the sustainable growth confronts and the means in which it manages its processes to create an overall positive impact on its employees and their families as well as that of the local society and society at large. Our business is public and possessions. As people in the property business, we endeavor to be trusted business associates and by being conscientious, we help to create that trust.

Partnership underpins our firm and our values. We believe that the successful long-term future of our business can only be achieved by working collaboratively with our stakeholders and in their interests: clients – whether they are building occupiers, developers or investors – employees, suppliers, NGOs, the media, Government and the wider community.

We understand that our business activities impact on the environment, society and economy directly and indirectly; directly in the way we run our own business and indirectly in the property advice we give to clients.
Our vision is based on a fundamental belief that by embracing the sustainability agenda and by helping clients implement sustainability strategies that reduce cost and generate value, our own business will become more sustainable, grow stronger and thrive.

We recognize our responsibility to our clients and the communities within which we operate both present and future. We are committed to help secure a better, more sustainable future for all through the advice that we provide and the example that we set. Our direction:

  •   We will work with our clients to pursue, promote and develop sustainable business outcomes.
  •   We will set a strategy and reporting procedures that will ensure continual improvement of our sustainability performance.
  •   Identify the right level
  •   We will ensure that our staff are involved in the implementation of this policy and have a comprehensive understanding of sustainability and climate change and how this affects property.
  •   We will be an advocate for sustainability in the wider business community by actively engaging with our suppliers and business partners to develop the values and approaches that will help to deliver a more sustainable society.

The future benefits of CSR to companies include:

  •   Better brand recognition
  •   Positive business stature
  •   Increase in sales and customer allegiance
  •   Operational costs savings
  •   Better financial performance
  •   Greater ability to attract talent and retain staff
  •   Corporation growth
  •   Easier access to remuneration

Business Development For Any Industry

A business is either a occupation or a deal which supplies merchandise, services or both. Your own conditions will decide whether you operate your business as either a sole trader, a partnership or as a company. A business can be defined as an conclusion of an action or decision that contributes towards meeting one or more business objectives.
Some kinds of benefits are easier to verify measure and value than others. For most business people, positive financial outcomes are readily accepted as business benefits and easily measured. Such outcomes include cost funds, cash inflows, and greater than before profits.

Best industry to start a business in:

  •    Healthcare
  •    Educational Technology
  •    Ecommerce
  •    Research and Identity
  •   Virtual Reality

Essential Business Skills:

  •   Financial management. Being able to effectively manage your finances is critical
  •   Marketing, sales and customer service
  •   Communication and negotiation
  •   Leadership
  •   Project management and planning
  •   Delegation and time management
  •   Problem solving
  •   Networking

One of the enormous benefits of having your own business is the liberty in all forms, whether monetarily, emotionally, and even morally. Of course, you first have to work very hard to achieve this goal, so that our business is adequately robust and very rigid basis for it is handled with semi-automatic process already established.
Related to the preceding point, owning your time is one of the belongings that most people crave, especially when they are working by a company which nearly owns their lives and their time. But when you own your own business and this has already reached the expected achievements will allow you to share more time with family, children, and friends. And you will choose where to spend your time, perhaps more grow your business, or a well deserved feast during the time you want, because you will now you own your time.

Providing Disruptive Solutions for Business with High Quality , Just in Time.

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